A Study Of Export Competitiveness Of Groundnut In India

Author's Name: Dr. S. Kanaka & Dr. M .Chinnadurai
Subject Area: Social Science and Humanities
Subject Economics
Section Research Paper


Tamil Nadu groundnut growers, Policy Analysis matrix, NPC, EPC, ERP, DRC, Indian agricultural policy, multifunctionality


This paper combines policy analysis matrix techniques to model the analysis of profitability from groundnut farming. Policy analysis matrices are computed for a sample of cotton growers located in the garden land of the Tamil Nadu (Southern India) under observed conventional and profit-efficient farming conditions. In this study groundnut had been competitive for most of the period under consideration. EPC estimates showed that it was less than unity like DRC in the entire study period. However it could be seen that these had been an increasing trend in the values of EPC and DRC from 2003-04.Since NPC value are more than unity it indicates that the state resorted to protection at the state level. The estimates of DRC revealed that the state had comparative disadvantage in groundnut export. The main conclusion is that the usefulness of the policy analysis matrix might be substantially enhanced by simulating profitability after efficiency-improving managerial decisions have been adopted.

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