A Two Stage Group Acceptance Sampling Plans Based On Truncated Life Tests For Inverse And Generalized Rayleigh Distributions

Author's Name: Dr. Priyah Anburajan & Dr. A. R. Sudamani Ramaswamy
Subject Area: Science and Engineering
Subject Mathematics
Section Research Paper


Inverse Rayleigh distribution, Generalized Rayleigh distribution, Group acceptance sampling, consumer’s risk, Operating characteristics, Producer’s risk, truncated life test.


In this paper, a two stage group acceptance sampling plan is developed for a truncated life test when the lifetime of an item follows Inverse Rayleigh distribution and Generalized Rayleigh distribution. The minimum number of groups required for a given group size and the acceptance number is determined when the consumer’s risk and the test termination time are specified. The operating characteristic values according to various quality levels are obtained. The results are explained with examples.

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