Author's Name: Mohammed Khaliq Mohiuddin, Pratibha Nallari, Ashwin Shah, Boddu Prabhakar, Yog Raj Ahuja, Qurratulain Hasan & Vasavi Mohan
Subject Area: Health Science
Subject Other
Section Research Paper


Esophageal Cancer, Aurora A, Fragile Histidine Traid, insulin like growth factor 2.


Evaluating protein levels, especially of those related to cell cycle and mitotic machinery, can be effective in cancer detection and therapeutics. The protein expression of Aurora A, FHIT, and IGF2 were evaluated in esophageal cancer. 51 subjects were included: squamous cell carcinoma (n=40), adenocarcinoma (n=8) and normals (n=3). Immunohistochemistry was performed on tissue sections obtained from archival esophageal tissue blocks to evaluate protein expression. Immunohistochemistry with active Aurora A (phosphoT288) showed moderate-high cytoplasmic expression in 100% normal cases [mean:2.16(±0.28)], whereas only 37.5% of cancers showed mild-moderate Aurora A expression [mean:0.51(±0.70)]. Aurora A expression showed four-fold decrease in cancer when compared to normal esophageal tissue. IGF2 (cytoplasmic) expression was observed to be mild-moderate in all normal samples. Of the cancers, 81.2% showed IGF2 expression where mean expression of IGF2 in normal tissue was 0.57(±0.28), while in cancer, it was 1.29(±0.77). IGF2 expression showed a two-fold increase in cancers when compared to normal tissue. This could be attributed to loss of imprinting, which was however not investigated. FHIT expression showed mild (0.4-fold) decrease in cancer tissue when compared to normal; however this did not seem significant. Our results show that reduced active form of Aurora A expression was significantly associated with esophageal cancer. It maybe a good marker to predict cellular progression to cancer in the esophagus. Active form of Aurora A expression should be taken into account before the use of kinase inhibitors in esophageal cancer therapy. Loss of FHIT expression and increased IGF2 may also contribute to cancer; FHIT expression did not seem significant.

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