Author's Name: Z. Al Abadla S. M. Robaa & M. M. Abdel Wahab
Subject Area: Science and Engineering
Subject Other
Section Research Paper


Thermal Indices, THI, DI and NET Indices, Nablus, Palestine.


The purpose of this study is to investigate the feeling of comfort or discomfort of human in Nablus (West Bank). Analyses are based on Net Effective Temperature (NET), Discomfort Index (DI) and Oliver s discomfort index (Temperature – Humidity Index) (THI).The meteorological data used to represent the outdoor environment were obtained from the Palestinian meteorological department gathered during 12 years periods (2000-2011). Most of the population feels comfort in the months April, May and November, as THI value oscillate between 60-65, these months shows approximately lower relative humidity. When the air temperature and relative humidity starts to increase at the beginning of summer months, 50% of the total population feels discomfort from June to October, takes place in August as increasing of temperature and relative humidity due to intensification of Indian monsoon low, with THI value around (70.4). DI value from June to September felt under less than 50% of the total population feels discomfort while from December to March shows moderate discomfort feeling. The months from November to May observed in the (very cold) region with NET < 13, while in other months shows in the (fresh) region with 16< NET <22.The study suggests that the thermal discomfort tend to increase, especially during July and August.

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