Accountability Of Temporal Indicator’s Remoteness Factor In The Model Dynamics Criterion While Forming A Portfolio Of Project-Oriented Enterprise Development

Author's Name: Sultan Masaoud Ali Alghdafi
Subject Area: Social Science and Humanities
Subject Business Management
Section Research Paper


The project portfolio construction, dynamics indicators, temporal indicators, criteria, rating, period, remoteness coefficient change.


In this paper, we suggest a calculation method for remoteness coefficients for indicators in the temporal order in purpose to evaluate projects when constructing the project portfolio. It is based on maintaining the order of remoteness coefficients values in certain places. This was achieved through the use of a special approach to the selection of matrix elements, which has the dimension of the temporal order, and the introduction of a universal system of local indexes for these areas. Due to computer experiment we proved that from a practical standpoint the temporal order of eight indicators is a rational one.

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