Author's Name: Edward Onyango Orinda & Julius Mbashango Malunde
Subject Area: Science and Engineering
Subject Other
Section Research Paper


Terminal Operating System, develop web-based cargo System utilization updates.


The study explores how Cargo System as a Terminal Operating System used to handle cargo in Dar es Salaam port. Thepurpose of this study was to ensure that the services delivery meets the current Cargo System complaints. The objectiveof the research was to identify user requirements in order to improve the current system on service delivery, to design,develop web-based cargo System utilization updates. Testing the software as the application prototype related customer sclaims. Action research design was used in this study and it based on the system specification stated by the system users.The study population was 1800 members who were TPA employees, Shipping Agents and Cargo Agents with a samplesize of 328 members randomly chosen. The study used closed end Questionnaires as an instrument for this research.Descriptive statistics was used to analyse data whereas prototyping approach was used to come up with a working modelof the system. On objective one, the researcher concluded that the current Cargo System does not interact with users, andfound only 38% users gets updates online. On objective two, the researcher found that 81% of users support the design ofthe proposed software and agree that it is easy to interact with cargo Updates, search and view handling updates. Thisensures that the system is user friendly. According to objective three, the research found that the proposed updatessoftware is reliable and it is available through web. The researcher recommended that TPA management should considerimplementing the prototype to extend utilization of Cargo System in order to meet problems that has led into delayingcargo clearance process.

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