Author's Name: Dr. Meenakshi Sood, Ms. Meenaxi Gautam Sharma & Dr. Sachin Ahuja
Subject Area: Health Science
Subject Nursing and Health Professions
Section Survey Paper


Malaria, Knowledge, Prevention, Health, Rural


Background: India has highest number of Malaria cases second only to African countries. Rural India which comprises of 80% of Indian population lives in malaria risk areas. Community participation is very important for the success of any program. Awareness and knowledge leads to participation. Aim: The aim of our study was to find out the level of awareness about malaria and knowledge of preventive practices in villagers from Punjab and to spread the awareness in form of teaching the preventive measures to the survey respondents just before start of monsoon season which is malaria outbreak time and to provide information for malaria elimination in alignment to national mission 2016-2030. Methods: A cross sectional study of two villages of Punjab was done. A structured questionnaire was used. Data was collected from all residents willing to participate. Through questionnaire information about socio-demographic profile, malaria awareness, practices and preventive measures was collected. Results: Overall, respondents had awareness towards malaria and mosquito as the means of transmission of malaria, but few know about the treatment and preventive measures to be taken related to spreading of malaria disease. The awareness was created in form public meetings and the results of the survey were widespread by the respondents with help of community centers and volunteers.

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