Car Dynamics Using Quarter Model And Passive Suspension, Part Iv: Destructive Miniature Humps (Bumps)

Author's Name: Galal Ali Hassaan
Subject Area: Science and Engineering
Subject Engineering
Section Research Paper


Car dynamics , quarter-car model , Passive suspension system , Destructive miniature humps Polynomial bump , circular bump, trapezoidal bump, ride comfort.


This work presents three types of miniature humps or bumps. This covers polynomial, circular and trapezoidal bumps. The dynamics of a quarter-car model are investigated when crossing those humps to assess the destructive effect of such bumps to reach the conditions of ride comfort of drivers and passengers. The study assumed passive car suspension elements of linear characteristics. It covers car crossing speed between 0.25 and 10 km/h, and bump dimensions of 305 mm length and 57 mm height. A ride comfort diagram is presented using MATLAB simulation using the quarter-car model allowing the design of the simple harmonic hump for any desired hump-crossing speed in the range 0.25 to 10 km/h. The polynomial bump was superior for crossing speeds up to 0.65 km/h. Destructive effects are expected if speeds exceed 1.85 to 2.40 km/h depending on the bump type.

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