Cosine Similarity Measure Of Rough Neutrosophic Sets And Its Application In Medical Diagnosis

Author's Name: Surapati Pramanik & Kalyan Mondal
Subject Area: Science and Engineering
Subject Mathematics
Section Research Paper


Rough cosine similarity measure, rough sets, neutrosophic sets, rough neutrosophic sets, indeterminacy-membership degree, 3D-vector space


In this paper, we define a rough cosine similarity measure between two rough neutrosophic sets. The notions of rough neutrosophic sets (RNS) will be used as vector representations in 3D-vector space. The rating of all elements in RNS is expressed with the upper and lower approximation operator and the pair of neutrosophic sets which are characterized by truth-membership degree, indeterminacy-membership degree, and falsity-membership degree. A numerical example of the medical diagnosis is provided to show the effectiveness and flexibility of the proposed method.

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