Effect of Machining Parameters on Cutting Forces during Turning of Mild Steel on High Speed Lathe by using Taguchi Orthogonal Array

Author's Name: Ajit Kumar Senapati, Abhijit Bhatta, AvinashSenapati, Omkarnath Mishra and Satyajeet Mohanty
Subject Area: Science and Engineering
Subject Engineering
Section Research Paper


Mild Steel, Dry turning, High Speed, optimization, Cutting Force, Taguchi Method, L9.


Although many investigations have been carried out on turning of mild steel, but the present work deals with analysis of the parameters affecting the tool forces induced during the turning process of mild steel on high speed lathe i.e. at higher speeds the investigation is carried out and the influencing parameters have been analyzed .Design of experiments was implemented for the analysis of the influence of turning parameters such as cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut on the tool force. The results of the machining experiments were used to characterize the main factors affecting the tool force by the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) method. The depth of cut was found to be the most significant parameter influencing the tool force in the turning process followed by feed rate and a minor effect of speed. Also the mathematical regression equation for the model was developed to find out the predicted tool force for the said model and the same was compared with the actual experimental results. The comparative results indicated that the experimentally obtained results almost coincide with the predicted results.

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