Effect of Partial substitution of K+ by Na+ on yield, yield components, and quality characters of sugar beet

Author's Name: Alice T. Thalooth, Tawfik M.M and Ibrahim O.M.
Subject Area: Life Sciences
Subject Agricultural
Section Research Paper


Sugar beet- Potassium- Sodium – Yield and yield components – Quality characters.


In this paper, we describe the formatting A pot experiment was carried out in the green house of National Research Centre, Dokki, Giza during the winter seasons of 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 to study the effect of partial replacement of K+ fertilizer by Na+ fertilizer on yield components and quality of sugar beet plants. The study included five treatments in which plants were fertilization with ( K+ only, ¼ Na+ + ¾ K+, ½ K+ + ½ Na+ , ¾ Na+ +¼ K+ and Na+ only). The results indicated that root length and diameter, shoot fresh and dry weight, fresh and dry weight of the root as well as sugar yield increased with partial substitution of K+ by Na+. The highest yield components records and quality was obtained by sugar beet plants fertilized by equal amount of potassium and sodium fertilizer.

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