Enhancing the Solution Method of Linear Tri-Level Programming Problem Utilizing a New heuristic approach

Author's Name: Eghbal Hosseini and Isa Nakhai Kamalabadi
Subject Area: Science and Engineering
Subject Mathematics
Section Research Paper


Linear bi-level programming problem, linear tri -level programming problem, heuristic method, enumeration algorithm.


In the recent years, the bi-level and tri-level programming problems (TLPP) are interested by many researchers and TLPP is known as an appropriate tool to solve the real problems in several areas such as economic, traffic, finance, management, and so on. Also, it has been proven that the general TLPP is an NP-hard problem. The literature shows a few attempts for using exact methods. In this paper, we attempt to develop an effective approach based on analyze theorems for solving the linear TLPP. In this approach, by using the heuristic method the TLPP is converted to a linear single problem. Finally, the single level problem is solved using the enumeration algorithm. The presented approach achieves an efficient and feasible solution in an appropriate time which has been evaluated by comparing to references and test problems.

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