Author's Name: Bakhrom Irzaev
Subject Area: Social Science and Humanities
Subject Arts and Humanities
Section Research Paper


East music culture, Uzbek classical music, shashmaqom, fine art, Dugoh, tanbur note, ethnographic troupe, jadid progressivists, art of national theatre, musical drama theatre


This article informs about the developing history of the art of Uzbek music, conflicting cases of the development of culture of music during the totalitarian rule in Turkistan and also the artists, writers and scientists who contributed to the brilliant culture of music of Turkistan spread in Europe meanwhile a great number of the European culture come into our country. A number of articles and brochures in which their attitude to Uzbek classical music culture and especially to the inheritance of national music were analyzed. In numerous articles and brochures of famous poets, writers, pedagogs of notable representatives of Uzbek educated progressivists at the beginning of the previous century such as Fitrat, Chulpan, Sadriddin Ayniy, Gulam Zafariy, Hamza, Muhiddin Kori Yokubov their attitude to the culture of Uzbek classical music, especially, to the national heritage of music found its reflection. In the researches of Fitrat the compositional structure, subject matter and methodology of Central Asian music were revealed in detail. Uzbek national art of theatre appeared because of the hard struggle of jadids from Turkistan. Karim Tinchurin, G.Zafariy, Chulpan, Sh.Khurshid, M.Uygur, M.Kori Yokubov are considered to be the masters of art who founded Uzbek musical drama theatre. Because of their hard work the genre of musical drama achieved great success within a historically short time. At the beginning of the previous century the songs by guides of Uzbek music culture such as Mulla Tuychi Toshmuhammedov, Sodirkhon Bobosharifov, Hoji Abdulaziz Abdurasulov reached to the European fans of East music.

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