Factors related to interest and motivate customers to buy their obsession with online shopping (case study sites need Lorestan)

Author's Name: Syead Najhmedin Mosavi & Ali Omidi
Subject Area: Other
Subject Other
Section Research Paper


buy meticulous, promotions and price sensitivity of prestige.


This study aimed to assess factors associated with the purchase of obsessed with this kind of purchase to motivate consumers and consumers People suffering from compulsive shopping store to buy virtual goods with no need to suddenly feel a great desire to buy And despite efforts to prevent it, they are unsuccessful. Mainly due to low self-esteem obsessed purchases The need to reduce anxiety and stress are known. In the meantime, it appears that Virtual store due to their specific characteristics into consideration these consumers are The research is correlational research methods and analytical survey of all visitors to the site need to be Lorestan Primary data were collected using a questionnaire that was put online questionnaires at the site need Lorestan Finally, 385 questionnaires were analyzed using regression testing The results indicate that price promotions and prestige sensitivity obsessed with buying their relationship. Also buying obsession with unobservable variables, the avoidance of social interaction, a variety of products, immediate experience positive emotions and search for information in relation to the purchase of the Inter note.

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