Author's Name: Babu Lal Meena
Subject Area: Social Science and Humanities
Subject Other
Section Research Paper


Citizenship, Education, Human rights, Learning, India, participation


The Indian idea are human rights and these are key to both the identity of India and to engaging young people is a sense of citizenship. Rights can be seen as a defining characteristic of the Union. Young people are interested in rights, and particularly keenly interested in injustice. The establishment, extension and enforcement of rights are an important way of challenging and changing injustices. While young people should be aware of the way in which the rights that have been established in former times, and should appreciate the struggles and the sacrifices of former generations, they are much more likely to be excited by the rights yet to be achieved, and to learn their citizenship, and their identity, through the establishment of new rights. I am examine the discourses, visions and ideologies that have shaped the ideas about civics, citizen and human rights education in India over the last one and a half decades. It tries to assess the congruence of the aims of human rights educations with the existing understanding and practice of civics in India. The respect and implementation of the multitude of international human rights norms and standards such as for social, economic, cultural, political, civil, women s, children s or migration issues might provide answers to new forms of urban governance, integration and accountability. Keywords: Citizenship, Education, Human rights, Learning, India, participation.

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