Author's Name: Ugonabo Celestine Udoka, Igwe Chinelo Priscilla & Oladejo Esther Ifeanyi
Subject Area: Social Science and Humanities
Subject Management
Section Research Paper


Housing, Housing delivery, Investment, Land, Land administration, Loan.


Housing deficit in Nigeria has been attributed to a multiplicity of factors including poor access to land, high cost of building materials, limited access to finance, bureaucratic procedures and high cost of land registration and titling. These factors indicate a lack of effective land administration. This study examines the impact of lack of effective land administration on housing delivery in Onitsha with a view to developing efficient land administration policy in Onitsha to enhance housing delivery. Specifically, the study sought to: show the nexus between land administration and housing delivery; examine the extent to which inefficient land administration affects housing delivery; and determine the rationale behind investors’ shift in focus from Onitsha. A sample of 385 residential property investors and 36 real estate professionals in Onitsha were used. Findings from the study reveals: there was steady decline in housing delivery due to ineffective land administration from 2004 (99%) to 2010 (29%) indicating a huge 70% drop in housing delivery within the 7 year period which translates to scarcity of housing accommodation and skyrocketing of rental values; limited access to finance explains why majority of real estate investors operate in the informal market rather than access mortgage finance; high cost of land registration and titling in Onitsha has resulted in residential property investors’ shift in focus from Onitsha to Asaba as many residential property investors who hitherto invested in Onitsha now invest only in Asaba. The recommendations to improve housing delivery in Onitsha include strictly adopting and implementing the provisions of 2012 National Housing Policy by the state to provide enabling environment for private developers to provide affordable housing for residents of Onitsha. The state government should also review downwards the transaction costs (fees and taxes) for landed properties in the state in line with what is obtainable in neighboring states.

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