Author's Name: Ekpetere O. Kenneth and Ekpetere O. Kenneth
Subject Area: Social Science and Humanities
Subject Other
Section Research Paper


Food supply; Family planning; Birth control; Soil impoverishment; Farm yields; Farm produce; Hunger and poverty; Farm sizes; Agricultural productivity; Population Growth; Kwali Area Council.


The research examined the impact of population increase on agricultural productivity in Kwali Area Council between the periods of 2007-2016. The objectives of the research include; to examine the demographic characteristics of people living in Kwali Area Council; the causes of population increase in the area; to show the trends of agricultural productivity between 2007 -2016; to examine the relationship between population increase and agricultural productivity in the study area, as well as the effect of population change on agricultural productivity in the area. Data was sourced from both primary and secondary sources. Questionnaire was the major source of data while respondents were selected through systematic sampling technique. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics such as frequency tables, percentages and charts among others graphs. Relationships were tested using the student T-test. The findings reveal that there exists a consistent increase in population size leading to the decline in agricultural productivity in the study area. Illiteracy, high fertility, improved medical facilities, presence of industries and basic amenities as well as good security network over the years were found to be the main reasons behind the increase in population. Some of the problems identified and threatening the existence of the area include; loss of agricultural land which led to decrease in food supply, hunger and poverty. Recommendations were proffered which include; placing restriction and curbing migration into the study area to check population as well as enforcing sanctions on land use abusers that convert agricultural lands to other land use in Kwali Area Council.

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