Author's Name: Abd El-Hafeez Zohry & Samiha Ouda
Subject Area: Life Sciences
Subject Agricultural
Section Research Paper


Precise land leveling, cultivation on raised beds, cultivation of three crops per year, and intercropping.


Irrigation water management has become very important task to be implemented in Egypt due to the prevailing conditions of water scarcity. Thus, technologies are required to increase water and land productivity. The objective of this paper was to suggest management package to overcome water scarcity conditions in Egypt. It included precise land leveling and cultivation on raised beds to save 25%, as well as changing crops sequence from two crops per year to three crops per year and implementing different intercropping systems. We suggested to cultivate short season clover, soybean or bean between winter and summer crops and to implement intercropping in one season and in two seasons. The results indicated that cultivating short season clover can be implemented because its water requirements will be available as a result implemented precise land leveling and cultivation on raised beds. The results also indicated that either intercropping in one season or two seasons can be implemented to increase land and water productivity. In addition, short season clover can be also cultivated between summer and winter seasons in some of these intercropping systems. Thus, our proposed management of crops intensification can be the solution for food gaps problems under water scarcity situation in Egypt.

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