Author's Name: Dr. Archana Shukla & Athullya Nair
Subject Area: Social Science and Humanities
Subject Arts and Humanities
Section Research Paper


Mental Health, Child Sexual Abuse, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Eating disorder, Sleep Disorders.


Articles and papers were examined thoroughly to see the disturbed psychological outcomes of child sexual abuse. These include, a number of mental health disorders typically identified among individuals like depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, sleep disorders. The results of each study were found different as they aimed at non-identical aspects of mental health issues. Factors that affected the outcome includes gender, ethnicity, age et al. Severity of the abuse, how harsh the force has been, and victim s relationship to the perpetrator are other components that were keenly studied to understand their effect in triggering the mental health issues. These factors can soften, or exacerbate, the impact of abuse on a child s psychological well being, and the likelihood that they will develop mental illness later in life. A number of mental disorders have been diagnosed among the survivors and a myriad of psychotherapies (focusing on the behavioral, emotional and psychological ) have been extensively applied in these individuals in order to help the affected group, overcome the symptoms of these disorders.

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