Author's Name: Gamal F. Attia, A.M.Abdelaziz & S.K.Tealib
Subject Area: Science and Engineering
Subject Physics and Astronomy
Section Research Paper


Meteors, television observations, TV cameras and meteoric astronomy.


Meteors as an astronomical phenomenon have been studied since the XVII century. Now we know that meteors (‘‘shooting stars’’) are the light phenomena which appear during the invasion of cosmic particles of small size in the Earth’s atmosphere. The most effective way to conduct research of the meteoric phenomena at present is television observations. This type of observation has many advantages which other methods possess too. However it has its essential advantages. Among them may be mentioned a high sensitivity and shooting speed, the possibility of operating the received results in real time, compactness, mobility, low cost of the equipment and some others. A choice of TV cameras for the registration of meteors must be based on the tasks which need to be solved with the help of these cameras. However the standard television system which has been established in NRIAG a year ago will consider below is suitable for observing, studying and solving the major problems of meteoric astronomy. The initial testing was carried out while observing of random meteors from May, 2016 in Egypt. In this paper technique, equipment and few of the meteors recorded during this time are presented.

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