Methodology to develop a recovery strategy for the sturgeon stocks of the Caspian Sea

Author's Name: Dr. Prof. Robert A. Karayev
Subject Area: Life Sciences
Subject Ichthyology
Section Research Paper


Caspian sturgeons, recovery strategy, methodology.


The situation of sturgeons (Acipenseriformes) in the Caspian Sea, which many experts currently assess as "catastrophic", is discussed. In today s complex environment of the region, traditional approaches to recovery of sturgeon stocks, based on the classical biological paradigm of stocks management already untenable. A new approach based on the extended paradigm consisting along with classical representations, ideas and methods of "strategic planning” is proposed. Developed within the framework of this approach the methodology opens up wide possibilities to choose adequate recovery strategy in the conditions of many challenges today facing Caspian sturgeon management: large-scale poaching, pollution of spawning rivers and sea, destruction of a unified management system (after the collapse of the USSR), transgression of the sea, invasions, etc. ). In our view, the methodology can present theoretical and practical interest for scientists and specialists in other fishing areas in the world, whose stocks are under strong multi-factorial pressure.

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