Modern Problems with Formation of Children’s Spirituality and Religious Education in Ukrainian Families

Author's Name: Svetlana Luparenko
Subject Area: Social Science and Humanities
Subject Education
Section Survey Paper


Children; spirituality; Ukrainian families; religious education.


This paper reveals the low level of formation of Ukrainian children?s spirituality which is proved by the results of investigation. It uses data gathered from theoretic search and empirical investigation (data gathered from 31 Ukrainian families, from children and their parents). The results have shown parents? understanding of necessity to form their children?s spirituality, but lack of their time and possibilities to realize religious education in families (which is caused by difficult social-economical, moral-judicial, cultural-educational conditions in Ukraine). According to the results of investigation, the reasons of the low level of formation of Ukrainian children?s spirituality are disclosed. They are parents? lack of attention to religious education and insufficient work in this direction; parents? inattentiveness, absence of their wish and possibilities to communicate with their children; lack of proper example (by parents) for forming children?s spirituality; parents? oppression of the spiritual foundations, which aim to appear in children, through imposing stereotypes, excessive moralization, offenses, rebukes, mocks, authoritarian style of communication in families.

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