Author's Name: Fabiana Caldini Pissini, Sulene Pirana, Marcela de Oliveira, Luiz Gabriel Signorelli, Oscar O. A. Fernandez & Gabriel Zorron Cavalcanti
Subject Area: Health Science
Subject Medicine and Dentistry
Section Case Studies


Schwann cells, otolaryngological tumor, endonasal tumor, neurofibromas, schwannoma.


The article presents two cases of nasal shcwannomaand its clinical repercussions. Despite being a frequent head and neck tumor, the schwannoma affects the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses in only 4% of cases. Its treatment is surgicalaiming the preservation the affected nerve and that can be done endoscopically or by lateral rhinotomy.In one of the cases, the patient had unilateral, repetitive and self-limiting epistaxis, with no apparent nasal lesion justifying the complaint. An expansive lesion was detected in the right middle meatus on the computed tomography (CT). The lesion was excised through the endoscopic approach. In the other case the patient did not report nasal complaints and the schwannoma was a finding during the diagnostic investigation of bilateral tinnitus.Schwannoma is an oligosymptomatic disease and a clinical suspicion should always be made for an early diagnosis. In both cases, the treatment was performed through endoscopic surgery with total lesion excision and good clinical evolution in the postoperative period.This article aims to highlight the importance of considering the schwannoma in the differential diagnosis of nasal cavity masses.

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