Author's Name: Rewa Singh
Subject Area: Social Science and Humanities
Subject Economics
Section Research Paper


During the last three decades India has progressed technologically, economically and industrially but the fruits of development have not benefited the growing number of poor people. There are two major developmental challenges, the first is to ensure that the fruits of development reach the most needy through equitable distribution of resources, opportunities and benefits and the second is to develop human capabilities. India is amongst the largest producer of food in the world and over 40,000 food processing units are able to process only 2 percent of its agriculture output. The unregistered food processing sector and small players process more than 70 percent of the industry output in volume terms and 50 percent in value terms. The sector seems to be major creator of jobs for the workforce and may help in providing opportunities to the people for their economic well being. The paper attempts to study the nature and structure of unregistered food processing sector in terms of employment, gender, gross value added, labor productivity and annual emolument.


This paper presents especially the results of microstructure and mechanical properties investigation results of selected zinc (Zn) and zinc alloys (ZnAl15). In the frame work of this paper were performed investigations of the microstructure using light and scanning electron microscopy as well as analysis of the chemical composition of the tested materials, there are also carried out. The investigations were performed on samples of pure Zn as well as of zinc-aluminium alloy ZnAl115 with the chemical composition conforming with the commercial standard concerning especially the yield strength obtained after chemical composition modification and the measurement of the impurities amount as well as the hardness and microhardness of the tested commercially available and modified Zn alloys. The presented tests results carried out using light microscopy allowed the determination of the microstructures obtained after the production process of materials from pure zinc and selected zinc alloys.

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