Author's Name: Miss. Thorat Madhuri, Miss. Naikwadi Chaitali, Miss. Gaikwad Swapnali, Miss. Mhaske Seema & Guided by Mr. N. B. Kadu
Subject Area: Science and Engineering
Subject Computer Science
Section Research Paper


Ontology, clustering, text mining, proposal selection.


Research projects selection is an important activity in many governmental and non-governmental organizations and also very important task in various educational institutes. The project proposals are submitted to the institutes and then are assigned to guides for review. In the educational institutes after proposals are submitted, the next important activity is to categorize proposals and allocate reviewers for the same. Each domain should contain identical characteristics which help to group the proposals. For example, if the proposals in a domain comes into the same primary group (e.g., cloud computing) and the proposals are grouped based on keywords listed in proposals. Current methods for grouping proposals are based on manually searching the domain areas which is less accurate. There are several text-mining methods (TMM) that are used to cluster and grouping documents. TMMs which deal with only English text. To solve this problem, an ontology-based text mining method is proposed.

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