Ranking Motivational Strateges of Human Resources of Brojerd , Drood and Norabad PNU Based on Topsis Technique(Case Study: Lorestan University of Iran)

Author's Name: Gholamreza jandaghi and Rohhollah Hosseini
Subject Area: Social Science and Humanities
Subject Management
Section Research Paper


Motivation, motivational indicators, strategies, motivation, Model Topsis, motivational factors


The purpose of this research, ranking the motivation of human resources is based on the technique Topsis. In the present study because of the complexity of the matrix designed to selectively sample of approximately 15 individuals were selected. Based on data analysis software by Shanon. The Viewes Staff Boroojerd Center criteria conflict and competition and supplier of material needs (Wj = 0.21 ? Wj = 0.14), The Viewes Staff Drood Center criteria organizational commitment of staff and the needs of society (Wj = 0.143 ? Wj = 0.13) and Viewes The Staff Norabad Center criteria supplier material needs And Image positive of mental(Wj = 0.167 , Wj = 0.152) the factors are determine the type of strategies motivation highest weight. Based analysis on data by algorithms Topsis, The Viewes Staff Boroojerd Center, strategies Reward and encourage and Communication and team work environment (Ci = 0.933527711, Ci= 0.700597389 ) in the first and second priority select, The Viewes Staff Drood Center, strategies Reward and encourage and Promotion career and Organizational (Ci = 0.846190357, Ci = 0.842098062 ) in the first and second priority Select and The Norabad Staff Boroojerd Center, strategies Optimization program Compensation And Reward and encourage ) Ci = 0.750156343 , Ci=0.705417206) In the first and second priority Has been Selected. Employees, Payam Noor University Nurabad meet the criteria of the material and positive mental thought and are a measure of two factors that determine the type of strategies to motivate The highest coefficients of weighted scores (Wj= 0.1520 and Wj =0.167) are. Based on survey data analysis algorithm Topsis, Employees, University Payam Noor of Borojerd strategy reward and encourage (appreciation) and communication and collaborative working environment (culture, group work) in the first and second priority Ci= 0.700597389 and Ci= 0.933527711 selected(satisfaction with salary levels), and incentives and rewards (appreciation) in the first and second priority, Ci =0/750156343 , Ci= 0.705417206 has been selected

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