Author's Name: Rustamiy Salimakhon Aliybeg kizi
Subject Area: Other
Subject Other
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Middle ear adenoma, Neurendocrine adenoma, middle ear, tumor, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis


In the 9th century, scientific principles of philology art had started to form in Arabian philology, which was improving within several centuries and by 12 th century they were completely formed and became to the called “Balaghat”. “Balaghat” term means the phrase, its constituent parts and rules as well as speech standards of a speaking person. In order to speak and understand Arabic perfectly, it is necessary to know the rules of Balaghat. As these rules completely discover the spirit of Arabic language, it is possible to have the luck to use and apprehend the Koran, parables, books of shariah and works of noted poets who lived before Islam. The science of Balaghat, which came into existence in the middle ages, is still giving the people knowledge of the refined sides of speech habits. Since the speech is realized by language, its organization and development itself requires a special knowledge, and correct expression of an idea in a proper and exciting way is considered an art. The work by Abu Yakub Yusuf al-Sakkakiy al-Khorazmiy “Miftah al-ulum” (Kea for sciences) created in the 12th century is considered to be a completed theoretical presentation of the science. The manuals of this science were written in Arabic script. There was no science like Balaghat in the West. Balahgat of Sakkakiy was briefly reviewed by well-known Damask Khatib Jalal al-Din Muhammad Abdu al-Rahman al-Kazviniy al-Shafer in the book called “Talkhis Miftah al-ulum”, making it convenient for using.

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