Six-port architecture based on Rectangular Disk Quadrature Hybrid at X-band

Author's Name: Kamaljeet Singh and Yateendra Mehta
Subject Area: Science and Engineering
Subject Computer Science
Section Research Paper


Rectangular disk hybrid, Planar circuit, Six-port, Coupling, Capacitive stub, Microstrip


Six-port architecture based on 3-dB rectangular disk in microstrip configuration is presented in this article. Novel 3-dB disk hybrid topology incorporating capacitive loading along with diagonal feed is realized and three similar disk couplers are cascaded with single Wilkinson power divider to realize complete 6-port architecture at X-band. This article discusses various disk coupler topologies and proposes a simple configuration to achieve the desired specifications at X-band. Also, the complete 6-port architecture based on the proposed rectangular disk along with the principle of operation is detailed. Experimental verification of the simulated topologies on alumina substrate is presented.

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