State of Affairs of the ICT Development in Rakhine State

Author's Name: Yuzana, Zaw Tun, Thaung Myint Tun
Subject Area: Science and Engineering
Subject Computer Science
Section Research Paper


ICT development, tweight


Rakhine rich people, scientists, technocrats, doctors, engineers, rectors, business men and IT professionals are once one of the best and famous in Myanmar, but now it seems these traditions gradually wither. The next generation should inherit and sustain these endeavors and successes to sculpt their Rakhine future. Students strive to become professionals that who will lead to the Rakhine state in every sector. For ICT development, addition to the local survey results and our analysis shows it is only 0.5% to 3% of students in the Rakhine state are qualified to attend the University of Computer Studies (Sittway) UCSS to become IT graduate. It is not only qualified but also their interestingness in IT. And then the students from the Sittway district are much more qualified and interesting to enroll to the UCSS, whereas the students from the Maung Daw district have less qualification and interestingness is shown by using proposed algorithm and t-weight interestingness measure. Not all, most of the students have lack of prospects about the future, addicted into drugs and alcohols then falling into violence. Our research results intend to motivate for Rakhine young people who require improving their qualification and the authorities and ICT companies noticed that still require to build up the ICT development in the region.

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