Author's Name: Juley-Anne Bochaberi Mokua & Peter Oino Gutwa
Subject Area: Health Science
Subject Nursing and Health Professions
Section Research Paper


Effectiveness, Malaria Interventions, Eldoret, Kenya


Over decades malaria has killed more than a million people each year, mainly young children and pregnant women. Despite such devastating statistics of dead due to malaria, little has been done to combat the disease. This study aimed at establishing the effectiveness of malaria interventions in Eldoret Municipality. The objective of the study was to determine the effectiveness of malaria interventions in the Municipality. Both primary and secondary data was collected using structured and semi-structured questions and interviews for primary data and examination of records for secondary data. Processed data was analyzed and presented in percentages and frequency tables. The study found out that there are a number of interventions within the Municipality, though most of these interventions are mainstreamed from the national government to the grassroots. However, very few personnel employed in the health sector within the municipality and those available do not have the personal drive to perform their responsibilities. The study recommends that for malaria treatment to be effective there is need for availability of adequate training for the personnel, supervision and follow-up in achieving a change in perceptions and practice. There is also need to seal the existing gap between policy on malaria control and reality in actual implementation at the Municipality level.

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