Author's Name: Dr. Nik Tehrani & Dr. Dennis Miller
Subject Area: Health Science
Subject Other
Section Research Paper


Artificial Intelligence, cancer, mammograms, delayed diagnoses.


Despite incremental progress in curing cancer it remains the second most common cause of death. Most, if not all, health professionals agree that early detection of cancer offers the greatest chance of a cure or control of the disease. Skin cancers are highly treatable if they are caught early. Unfortunately, skin cancer doctors (dermatologists) are often not readily available in remote or third-world countries. Today, with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) doctors hope to provide patients with machines that can early diagnose skin cancers and thus save lives through early detection. Early results are promising as the machines are providing up to 85% accuracy in detecting skin cancers. The use of Artificial Intelligence in medicine is expanding with the experimental use of AI machines reading radiographic breast images (mammograms). Again, the early results are promising. Computer power is increasing dramatically and is the key to more use of advanced AI machines. The use of AI can dramatically reduce the cost of medicine while providing quicker diagnoses. However, AI, at least at this time, is not intended to replace physicians. The best minds in the field of medicine believe the combination of physicians working with AI will provide patients with the greatest opportunity to successfully survive their diseases.

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