Author's Name: Fidelis I. Emoh, Uche O. Ajator & Celestine U. Ugonabo
Subject Area: Social Science and Humanities
Subject Accounting
Section Research Paper


Finance, Infrastructure funding, Maintenance management, Maintenance planning, Urban infrastructure, Public-private partnerships.


Urban infrastructure financing and management are two critical components that are very germane for the efficient delivery of urban infrastructure services. The paper x-rayed the issue of urban infrastructure financing and management from the perspective of the concept of urban infrastructure facilities, the sources of fund for urban infrastructural development, obstacles to mobilizing resources for urban infrastructure, management approach and problems encountered in the management of the facilities using Nigeria’s case as representative of other developing nations. The paper concluded by recommending: the reorientation of public expenditures to ensure that project with high social impact and economic returns are carried out; that all public infrastructure must have annual maintenance allocation from the total budget; the underwriting of the cost of urban infrastructure through property rating; strengthening of the capital market for long term funds for urban; arranging funding based on careful feasibility and viability studies; the privatization of public utilities; encouraging public-private partnerships; promoting research focus on areas of design and engineering of infrastructural components; pursuit of planned maintenance culture as a way forward towards ensuring an effective financing and management of the nation’s urban infrastructure.

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