Design and Fabrication on Hydrogen engine (Water fuel)

Author's Name: P.Balashanmugam & G.Balasubramanian
Subject Area: Science and Engineering
Subject Engineering
Section Research Paper


Hydrogen vehicle, low emission, Electron Grid Extractor Circuit, isolation valves, Equivalence ratio.


A hydrogen vehicle is an alternative fuel vehicle that uses hydrogen as its onboard fuel for motive power. The term may refer to a personal transportation vehicle, such as an automobile, or any other vehicle that uses hydrogen in a similar fashion, such as an aircraft. The power plants of such vehicles convert the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy either by burning hydrogen in an internal combustion engine, or by reacting hydrogen with oxygen in a fuel cell to run electric motors. The widespread use of hydrogen for fueling transportation is a key element of a proposed economy. Hydrogen fuel does not occur naturally on Earth, and thus is not an energy source, but is an energy carrier. Currently it is most frequently made from methane or other fossil fuels. However, it can be produced from a wide range of sources (such as wind, solar, or nuclear) that are intermittent, too diffuse or too cumbersome to directly propel vehicles. Integrated wind-to-hydrogen plants, using electrolysis of water, are explo

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